Kriti Mehra On Bigg Boss OTT: What she said about Elvish on HerZindagi

The complete interview of Kriti Mehra has come on the YouTube channel called Her Zindagi, if you want to see it, then you can easily go to YouTube and search Her Zindagi. You will be able to watch this complete interview.

There are many discussions on social media about Kirti Mehra and Elvish Yadav where Kirti and Elvish Yadav are being considered as girlfriend and boyfriend. Kirti Mehra has given a big update regarding this on Har Zindagi YouTube channel, go and watch now.

What Kirti Mehra says in HerZindagi podcast

Kirti Mehra gave many statements about Elvish Yadav. Kirti Yadav says that Elvish Yadav can do anything for his fans and he will always be ready to help his friends.

Some big statements were made by refuting the statement given by Salman Khan in which he said ₹ 500 followers. Kirti Mehra told that Elvish Yadav is a very good person and he never wants to hurt anyone.

Elvish Yadav is Salman Khan of YouTube, Kirti Mehra says that Elvish Yadav has made his place in the hearts of people with his good fan following on YouTube. Kriti Mehra says Elvish is very good person and they will never ever want to hurt any person without any reason.

Kirti Mehra say’s about herself

Describing herself, Kirti Mehra said that I used to belong to a middle class family, which had nothing to do with YouTube, nor did they like making videos.

Kirti Mehra says that if she had not come on YouTube, she would have been a chef as she loves to cook. Kirti loves to cook and she loves to cook and feed people.

Before coming on YouTube, she was more fond of dancing and cooking and she loved to cook and if she had not come on YouTube, she would have become a chef. Apart from cooking, she loves to dance and Keerti Mehra wanted to become a dancer too, but keeping all these aside, she chose YouTube.

Preeti Mehra makes traveling vlog entertainment related videos and many more videos on youtube channel. So that people can be happy watching their videos and smile on their face.