Elvish Yadav Made History in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Winner Elvish Yadav: Elvis Yadav proved Abhishek Malhan wrong. Abhishek Malhan believed that a wild card entry-taken contestant is absolutely not worthy of winning the trophy, but proving it wrong, Elvish Yadav won the trophy.

Elvish Yadav has emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 and it is a very proud moment for his fans who have been supporting him day in and day out. You must know that Elvis Yadav’s fan following is very loyal and people know him more than the name of Elvish Army.

You must have always heard that whenever Elvis Yadav has talked about the trophy, he has said that when I will win the trophy? I will share this with both Abhishek and Manisha and this is exactly what they did. When he got the toffee, he shared it with both of them.

It had never happened in the history of Bigg Boss till date that any vile it card entry contestant won, but this time, Elvish Yadav has created such a history, which has impressed people a lot. Elvish Yadav is also being liked a lot by the people.

Elvis Yadav’s fan following is increasing day by day and may soon cross the 15 million mark. Recently, his following has been done on Instagram about 14 million.

When Elvish Yadav came as a wild card contestant in Bigg Boss, his fan following was around 5 million, which has now increased to 14 million, which can be considered three times.